Rain Shelters

Rain Shelters

Rain Shelter

Photo not taken at Willow Springs Campsite

We are continually improving our facilities and we always welcome feedback from our guests.  For 2018 we will be installing 2 mobile field shelters (24’x12′) with table and perimeter benches near the waterfall area.  These will be ideal for cooking or simply sitting and relaxing during inclement or hot weather.  A solar panel / battery arrangement will be fitted to provide gentle light in the night and through the winter months.

In addition to providing a dry and shaded area to cook and socialise, these shelters will allow us to hold ‘outdoor but sheltered’ events and workshops; including willow weaving, ‘micro-pollotment’, storytelling, Bat walks, soap making, animal husbandry, bike maintenance and demonstrations.

Many local residents (and previous/future guests) can demonstrate their own hobbies or interests – please get in touch if you would like to get involved.