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If you would prefer a more cosy setting for your stay in the Afan Valley, we have three wonderful Shepherd Huts on offer to help make your stay even more magical at Willow Springs Campsite.

Short camping seasons are a thing of the past! With our heated Shepherd Huts, you can escape to the country all year round! Afan Forest Park has established itself as a mecca for mountain and road biking, walkers and explorers of South and Mid Wales – our glamping huts are perfect for solo explorers, couples and families.

Order Phentermine Diet Pills

Sleeps up to 4 people for a minimum two-night stay. Pets are not permitted in Nutmeg.

Arguably there is no better way to witness the dramatic and breathtaking views of the Afan Valley in South Wales than from our Shepherd Hut, Nutmeg. The beautiful interior comprises a wood-burning stove, double leather sofa bed and a fitted double bed, complete with an orthopaedic mattress to ensure a restful night’s sleep. A bistro table and chairs are provided for use inside or outside on the elevated veranda, and your firepit is included with your booking to toast your marshmallows! You’ll find your cookhouse at the rear of Nutmeg, where you can also site and use your gas stove and cool-box.

As an eco-friendly campsite, we’re proud to have Nutmeg fitted with a solar panel to provide lighting as well as power for charging your small electrical appliances via the USB sockets.

Shepherd Huts: Clover & Daisy

Sleeps up to 4 people for a minimum two-night stay. Pets are permitted in both Clover and Daisy.

We have two Shepherd’s Huts, Clover and Daisy, where pets are permitted, but log-burners are not fitted in either hut. Both Clover and Daisy have a double bed with an orthopaedic mattress, one faux leather double sofa bed, a bistro patio table and chairs, a pet/child safe eco-heater, interior and exterior lighting, porched cooking area, firepit, picnic table and car park/hardstanding.

There are no useable plug sockets in Clover or Daisy, but we do have a service socket in the office for charging phones, batteries, tablets etc at £1.00 per device.

Additional Information

You will need to bring all the usual camping gear – bedding, pillows, towels and cooking equipment. For those who wish to stay but do not own camping equipment, you can hire the basics from us:- gas stove, kettle, and coolbox. We also sell large nets of wood and gas cartridges. Please note, seasoned wood only to be used in the stove and firepits.

You can have a truly ‘Green’ holiday – our Bio-digester services the waste from the individual bathrooms, which are a short walk away, with ceramic flushing toilets, showers and pedestal basins. An additional Solar Array provides power for water heating and electric.

To book one of our shepherd huts, please use the availability checker below and follow the booking steps.