#blog I’m back…catching up part 2

Our first super big booking was Port Talbot Town Girls Football Club (they booked the whole site). Our daughter plays for the club – the coaches are great and as a result the girls are really close (as are the parents), and as with all clubs – the parents sacrifice a lot for their children to play and train. This weekend was for the parents as much as the children. Friday evening consisted of tents up, bbq  and orientation ensuring everyone knew where everything was (…or more specifically the location of their chair and drink!). For Saturday, the parents and coaches arranged an unusual treasure hunt, involving tasks, followed by a forfeit for the losing group ( care of the teams’ very own ‘Barely Gryls’) akin to a celebrity get me out of here eating task – when the fish’s eyes and  sheep’s heart appeared the girls did their best B-movie screams and disappeared! The afternoon consisted of 20m of builders plastic membrane, 4 bottles of fairy liquid and a running hosepipe!…slip n slide time…(hugely popular with the dads!) everyone enjoyed whether directly involved or laughing from the sides… (and with the field being recently cut we looked like a troupe of silver backs – covered in foam and grass). The coaches have always maintained that being part of the team, training and playing would not only improve their football but also their life skills. This was deftly proven when the need for a camp fire arose – and under guidance was built, safely lit and maintained by the girls. The evening festivities included bad singing, great bbq food, dancing and reminiscing. Interestingly we hardly saw girls using their tech and if they did, it was to take photos! The next day was a somewhat slower day (must be all that dancing), and of course the packing up and departing. Fabulous memories for the parents and the girls, with calls for a yearly get together echoing around the group. See you next year guys 🙂



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