hello #blog have you missed me? catching up part 1

It’s been a while since I last posted anything – in part due to a lack of inter-squinternet through changing our broadband provider. I can still hear the sales advisor proclaim how the transition will be seamless and smooth, as smooth as a bramble patch growing around a razor wire protected wall, full of cactus! (if anyone has a picture of that I’d be intrigued to see it!).Consequently I have blended in with the younger generation – and can now negotiate a busy high street with various obstacles without even looking up from my phone…go me!

I must confess I’m surprised at just how busy we have been in our first summer, lots of bookings spread throughout the weeks, including our first international booking all the way from Burnley! Just kidding, I meant Berlin (hi Sebastian and family!!!) Talking of Burnley – we have attracted a large portion of guests from the North – I put it to the wife that my southern charm, hospitality and wit was clearly the attraction (Jude proceeded to choke quite violently on her tea at this point, poor Jude!, and upon composing herself made it quite clear that the only attraction was the beautiful area and well-kept campsite – with awesome guest loving bathrooms!). I’m lucky to have a wife that keeps me grounded. We also found that Mr and Mrs Swallow had set up camp in our facilities shelter. At first this seemed lovely, then we realised they never brought their own loo in favour of dropping bombs on unsuspecting people – who said birds didn’t have a sense of humour! It was easy to forgive them once we saw the babies hatch, grow and fledge. 


Yes those are baby swallows…all beaks and feathers!

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Hello! Willow Springs Campsite is a family business which is located in the beautiful Afan valley in South Wales, UK.

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