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Shepherds Hut – the inside story!

I quickly put this slide show together to give you all an idea of what went into the interior finish. I haven’t included any of the solar power equipment because I’ve been asked loads of questions regarding it – hence

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Ritchie loved our Hardstands on every pitch….never getting stuck!

We found this little gem while looking for a remote Campsite with plenty of walks. Willow Springs Campsite fitted the bill perfectly, it’s remote and yet access isn’t difficult and it is surrounded by beautiful forests. As you drive up

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Shepherds Hut is ready!!!!

Ladies and gentlefolk…we’re really excited to announce….. Our Shepherds Hut is ready to rent!! Visit the Shepherds Hut page on the website or click here for all the details!

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Aim Archery shredding the trails and reflecting on tent styles!!…

First time camping and mountain biking in Wales back in August. We had a great time, Willow springs campsite is quiet and clean. Marc is great, wealth of local knowledge. Just looking to get a bigger tent for more trips

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ye olde shepherds hut video #blog

Hi all, It’s been so busy that writing a blog has unfortunately had to take a back seat….so here’s a short video, from the workshop to the pitch…and some serious erecting! You’l notice it says part 2 – I figured that

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Karen Church loved our bathrooms especially the hot showers…

Thank you Marc for a lovely weekend at your campsite. The facilities were clean, tidy and well placed. Nice to have hot showers without having to find money to use them. The countryside was beautiful with plenty of walks. The

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More trails than you can shake a stick at!!

Mountain ( and road) biking is big in our neck of the woods (pardon the pun!), If you know how varied and beautiful our area is you’d wholly understand why people come from all over the world to ride here.

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#blog Shepherds hut cosy adjustments…

The most eco-friendly action you can do these days is insulate, insulate, insulate. Here’s how we insulated the floor section of the hut which wasn’t initially designed to accommodate insulation. The front and rear sections are joined by butting together 2

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#blog Camping rallies…what’s it like?

Ever wondered what it’s like to ‘takeover’ a campsite?… this short video will give you an idea, and yes, everyone loved the slip ‘n slide. Thank you Port Talbot Town girls under 12’s football team (and parents of course!!), we

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#blog Shepherds hut… how many coats?

Ok, guess what – there’s no miracle product!… and everyone tells you something different – sometimes the internet gives you too much info. This week has been seemingly slow progress. mainly because I’ve been waiting for return calls or emails

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Hello! Willow Springs Campsite is a family business which is located in the beautiful Afan valley in South Wales, UK.

This is our blog where we share latest news and updates from our small holding.

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