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#blog #ShepherdsHut front & rear sections..

IMG_20160325_181722 IMG_20160325_181717

When they say kit form… they really mean kit form! No parts are formally marked and the inventory list has no illustrative pictures – we measured everything in order to identify it – then labelled it ourselves. When it comes to the actual assembly, the only parts that are pre-drilled are the ironmongery. Consequently, I spent ages looking for an old steel rule and square!! In truth, that’s part of the charm ,we really are building this hut, piece by piece. It will be unique, and as special to us as we hope it will be for you.

The plan was to (chemically) protect/preserve the wood in manageable stages. It was also important to us to find an environmentally safe way to do this – this sadly limits your choices, and so far we’ve been a tad disappointed with the lack of help and return emails. If anyone has any product recommendations please get in touch via the website, facebook page or twitter, and I’ll research it further.

The pictures above shows the front and back sections – next will be the timber floor structure which joins both sections, at this point we have a little extra work to do. Firstly ensuring there is extra support where the log burning stove will be placed, and also to super-insulate the entire floor section. For now, I’m back to the web to research preservatives :/  bye for now 🙂

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Ye Olde Shepherds Hut….in pieces !

Last month, February 1/2 term to be prezact! We had a delivery…..

shepherds hut delivery

shepherds hut delivery

No…not a forklift!… a nicely packaged German/Netherlands product via Tuin in Norfolk. Our glamping option. Consequently I’ve been clearing out space in the workshop so as to have room to check the inventory, store and start to build it all safely undercover….yer right!!


This picture only shows 1/2 the workshop… it took 4 hours to unload and identify all the various parts. Mrs Willow Springs was in her element, wandering around with a clipboard and pen!


The metalwork is really quite impressive, I was a little worried that it would be flimsy, not so – Mrs Willow Springs was on the hotline to the GP ordering a handful of Asthma pumps having only carried one wheel into the workshop…


This beauty has double doors and three windows… perfect for capturing our 360 degree views!! …..  Imagine snuggling into a large comfy bucket chair with the orange glow of the fire genuinely making you look more attractive than you are, your partner is similarly seated holding a glass containing a fine *Prosecco (*please insert preferred beverage!). The country air you are both breathing is additionally filtered by the wood surrounding you that makes up the shepherds hut construction. little needs to be said as the logs crackle gently – your partner shoots you special smiles that would warm the room (if I hadn’t already fitted a log fire!!) , It’s these glances that say so much – how amazingly wonderful you are for not only booking this very special and niche getaway but also for choosing one that can’t show match of the day in the evening. Maybe I should be a life guru too! Oh and if they did shoot you a puzzled look don’t worry they are trying to work out why you look more attractive – they’ll soon realise its the fire glow!!!


So now that everything is unpacked and marked ready to go…Mrs Willow Springs has got no excuses for not donning her bib ‘n braces – with tape measure and screwdriver to boot!… This hubby and wiffy project has the right ingredients to give gogglebox a run for its money!… Stay tuned… I need to look up some info on environmentally friendly wood treatments. next post will be Axles, base…and divorce!

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Dark Skies….valleys style!

Dark Sky Wales is proud to be part of the fantastic Welsh Government funded project that has seen the South Wales Valleys gain recognition for their dark skies. This video put together as part of the funding and produced by Bluesy Monster demonstrates those wonderful skies and the work undertaken to protect them.

Posted by Dark Sky Wales on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Kindly embedded from Dark Sky Wales. Thanks Alan (Allan Trow
@AlDarkSkyWales )

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Exciting news for 2016… #Glamping


We are really excited to announce our new arrival. It was always in the pipeline – because the setting is perfect.


We have some work to do on the pitch, which will boast it’s own fire pit, decking, patio set and hen house (which means you can collect your own eggs for breakfast!) As for the decor….well, you’ll have to follow the blog to see!…

Insulated and weatherproofed to withstand our harsh but incredibly beautiful winters, you can now escape whatever the weather.

So whether you stay for the mountain biking, hiking, road biking, kite-surfing, family adventure or simply to relax – you will love it….all year round!


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Draconid meteor shower tonight!!! #blog


We have had some absolutely stunning evenings in September and so far in October too! Predominantly tonight and tomorrow we have the chance to see some more meteors, and don’t forget too look out for the International Space Station zooming over head too!


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#Indiansummer…. yes please!


It’s the chillier end of the summer…(commonly known as Autumn!). The summer colours are being slowly replaced with those reddy browns, and that means it’s time to prepare the winter fuel!…. sooooo stand up if you have a woodburner, now, if it doesn’t heat your hot water and radiators sit back down, out of all those still standing ( time to sort the men from the boys…) sit down if you buy your wood already split and seasoned… if anyone is still standing feel free to smile that smug smile 🙂

So with that in mind, there’s no greater sight than seeing Mrs Willow Springs walk out of the wood shed with my chopper in her hand!!

In truth that old equipment is gathering dust in the shed – Axes, log maulers and wood grenades…sounds like a props list for a diet coke advert…the reality is standing behind the rumbling tractor with a hycrack wood splitter and a pink wheelbarrow…hardly a diet coke image!!! The days of swinging an axe are gone, mainly because it was followed by copious paracetamol’s or ibuprofen and heat pads! Nowadays its practically a one man (or woman – take note Mrs Springs!) operation.



Splitting the windblown or diseased wood on the farm can be therapeutic, and its quite satisfying seeing the wood store packed with freshly split wood. Even more satisfying when its minus silly temperature outside with 3ft of snow and all I need to do is fill a basket to keep the homestead toasty!

If that isn’t enough graft –  it’s also the time for track repairs….so more of this…


and these…..








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Gallery update

We’ve updated our Gallery page on the website with more pictures of the campsite.

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Mobbed by gosling luuuurve!

I thought it would be great to get a photo of the Gosling’s sitting on Liberty’s lap – they have always been happy to sit there. This was easy when they were no bigger than your hand, but now they look (and feel) like a small Albatross! So seeing Liberty being ‘Goose mobbed’ is quite amusing ( if only for me!).


They say never work with animals or children! I had to bribe Liberty with a ‘Ben and Jerry’s Core ice cream’ just to be able to take one picture of her (and that was post 35 mins of hairstyling!), Only for my picture to be photo-bombed by the other gosling!



Naturally, I asked  Mrs Willow Springs to take part in the photo-shoot, but her innate capacity for Health and Safety took over, and I left her in the lounge drawing up an action plan and risk assessment!

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A short video of our bathroom facilities

Before starting the campsite, we looked through campsite forums, to see what people liked and didn’t like. The biggest annoyance for campers seemed to be poor washroom facilities, one of our goals was to ensure we would never have complaints about the presentation, condition and operation of the washrooms. With that in mind we realised we didn’t even want washrooms – we wanted bathrooms! So we fitted out three. Two family size and one standard size. Jude was on a mission – with a car full of mirrors, pictures, paintings, more mirrors, bath mats, roller blinds, even more mirrors, magnolia paint, shower curtains and, errr did I mention mirrors?! Jude set about telling me exactly where everything needed to go, and then changed her mind ( this happened a lot!) Eventually (after every possible combination) we (I) were finished (phew!).

It’s really difficult to capture the cosy and homely feeling on camera but at least it gives you an idea.

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#blog catch up part 3.. I’m on a roll

Do you recall I had a hankering for bringing Geese to the campsite? well… a suitable trio presented themselves to me, and I just could not resist. I have absolutely no idea of their gender but I know I’ll be finding out soon enough :/ …they are sooooo cute, constantly chattering and so keen to find out if you have anything interesting to offer them. Evey was far from impressed as she reluctantly moved out from her dog crate in order to temporarily home these 3 Embdem x Toulouse goslings….almost as impressed as the wife!! Now at 6 weeks – they have just been allowed to stay outside, in their brand new house ( always build a big, heavy, awkward animal house close to where you intend to site it – naturally I didn’t do that,  and poor Jude looked like she was in a training scene from a rocky film!) So these young geese will need some names – feel free to leave a post with suitable suggestions and the reasons why! Evey is ecstatic at having her crate back!

IMG_20150724_174529~2 Approx 10 days old.

IMG_20150730_162732 Approx 3 weeks.

IMG_20150807_182825-EFFECTSApprox 4 weeks.

IMG_20150815_142056Approx 5 weeks.

ooooh ahhhhhh I hear your say…you are bigger softies than me!!!


So what have I learned this month? well, July 2015 was wetter than July 2014. I learned from a soon to be physicist, that if your neighbours security light springs into action don’t be too quick to dismiss the notion that something is a foot at the bottom of the garden! I learned that gosling’s are also a natural epilator for the forearms – not unlike retrieving the last few pringles from the bottom of the tube – only more painful! . I learned what a puss moth caterpillar looks like and a horntail. I learned that the international space station #ISS , which has been making guest appearances in the night sky all week has 6 crew and a budgie named Derek. I learned that the perseid meteor shower that has also been dazzling our dark skies all week will never be less than incredible year after year….providing its not cloudy!

So, the campsite has passed the guest test with everyone so far being very complimentary.

CYMERA_20150723_202354Puss moth caterpillar.


IMAG0362Your view, when you stay 🙂



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