#blog catch up part 3.. I’m on a roll

Do you recall I had a hankering for bringing Geese to the campsite? well… a suitable trio presented themselves to me, and I just could not resist. I have absolutely no idea of their gender but I know I’ll be finding out soon enough :/ …they are sooooo cute, constantly chattering and so keen to find out if you have anything interesting to offer them. Evey was far from impressed as she reluctantly moved out from her dog crate in order to temporarily home these 3 Embdem x Toulouse goslings….almost as impressed as the wife!! Now at 6 weeks – they have just been allowed to stay outside, in their brand new house ( always build a big, heavy, awkward animal house close to where you intend to site it – naturally I didn’t do that,  and poor Jude looked like she was in a training scene from a rocky film!) So these young geese will need some names – feel free to leave a post with suitable suggestions and the reasons why! Evey is ecstatic at having her crate back!

IMG_20150724_174529~2 Approx 10 days old.

IMG_20150730_162732 Approx 3 weeks.

IMG_20150807_182825-EFFECTSApprox 4 weeks.

IMG_20150815_142056Approx 5 weeks.

ooooh ahhhhhh I hear your say…you are bigger softies than me!!!


So what have I learned this month? well, July 2015 was wetter than July 2014. I learned from a soon to be physicist, that if your neighbours security light springs into action don’t be too quick to dismiss the notion that something is a foot at the bottom of the garden! I learned that gosling’s are also a natural epilator for the forearms – not unlike retrieving the last few pringles from the bottom of the tube – only more painful! . I learned what a puss moth caterpillar looks like and a horntail. I learned that the international space station #ISS , which has been making guest appearances in the night sky all week has 6 crew and a budgie named Derek. I learned that the perseid meteor shower that has also been dazzling our dark skies all week will never be less than incredible year after year….providing its not cloudy!

So, the campsite has passed the guest test with everyone so far being very complimentary.

CYMERA_20150723_202354Puss moth caterpillar.


IMAG0362Your view, when you stay 🙂



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