Mobbed by gosling luuuurve!

I thought it would be great to get a photo of the Gosling’s sitting on Liberty’s lap – they have always been happy to sit there. This was easy when they were no bigger than your hand, but now they look (and feel) like a small Albatross! So seeing Liberty being ‘Goose mobbed’ is quite amusing ( if only for me!).


They say never work with animals or children! I had to bribe Liberty with a ‘Ben and Jerry’s Core ice cream’ just to be able to take one picture of her (and that was post 35 mins of hairstyling!), Only for my picture to be photo-bombed by the other gosling!



Naturally, I asked  Mrs Willow Springs to take part in the photo-shoot, but her innate capacity for Health and Safety took over, and I left her in the lounge drawing up an action plan and risk assessment!

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