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hello #blog have you missed me? catching up part 1

It’s been a while since I last posted anything – in part due to a lack of inter-squinternet through changing our broadband provider. I can still hear the sales advisor proclaim how the transition will be seamless and smooth, as

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Its that special day, probably the most important day in the yearly calendar ( not that I’m bias in any way!) yes its Fathers Day!!! Happy Fathers day to all the dads doing their best 🙂 You might be surprised

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Egg Production meeting with the workforce!

Ordinarily our little loved workforce presents us with 8 beautiful eggs each day, because we love them so much we have provided a safe duck spa resort for them which includes various pools, streams, bog snorkeling areas, sun terraces and all

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Making #dens #camps #secretplaces

You really are never too old to make a den…and we have made loads – mainly because everything is right here on our door step. Oh and don’t be surprised to see the sun going down – the time just

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screamy has her own crib!

We had a fab weekend in the sun….campsite looked gorgeous…and our Cayuga ducks now have a second home. Which means screamy can sit in peace on her eggs, of course the other advantages for screamy are she has the pool

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nice to see the valley again…

The fog rolled in… then thankfully rolled out again. This bank holiday will see us split the ducks to allow a broody one to sit in private on what looks like 20 eggs!!…her name is screamy , we can only

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Our new website is ready!

We are really pleased to announce that our new website is now ready.  We look forward to your feedback and hope you like it!

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Welcome to Our Blog

Hello! Willow Springs Campsite is a family business which is located in the beautiful Afan valley in South Wales, UK.

This is our blog where we share latest news and updates from our small holding.

Best wishes
Marc, Jude and Liberty