A short video of our bathroom facilities

Before starting the campsite, we looked through campsite forums, to see what people liked and didn’t like. The biggest annoyance for campers seemed to be poor washroom facilities, one of our goals was to ensure we would never have complaints about the presentation, condition and operation of the washrooms. With that in mind we realised we didn’t even want washrooms – we wanted bathrooms! So we fitted out three. Two family size and one standard size. Jude was on a mission – with a car full of mirrors, pictures, paintings, more mirrors, bath mats, roller blinds, even more mirrors, magnolia paint, shower curtains and, errr did I mention mirrors?! Jude set about telling me exactly where everything needed to go, and then changed her mind ( this happened a lot!) Eventually (after every possible combination) we (I) were finished (phew!).

It’s really difficult to capture the cosy and homely feeling on camera but at least it gives you an idea.

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Hello! Willow Springs Campsite is a family business which is located in the beautiful Afan valley in South Wales, UK.

This is our blog where we share latest news and updates from our small holding.

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Marc, Jude and Liberty