#Indiansummer…. yes please!


It’s the chillier end of the summer…(commonly known as Autumn!). The summer colours are being slowly replaced with those reddy browns, and that means it’s time to prepare the winter fuel!…. sooooo stand up if you have a woodburner, now, if it doesn’t heat your hot water and radiators sit back down, out of all those still standing ( time to sort the men from the boys…) sit down if you buy your wood already split and seasoned… if anyone is still standing feel free to smile that smug smile 🙂

So with that in mind, there’s no greater sight than seeing Mrs Willow Springs walk out of the wood shed with my chopper in her hand!!

In truth that old equipment is gathering dust in the shed – Axes, log maulers and wood grenades…sounds like a props list for a diet coke advert…the reality is standing behind the rumbling tractor with a hycrack wood splitter and a pink wheelbarrow…hardly a diet coke image!!! The days of swinging an axe are gone, mainly because it was followed by copious paracetamol’s or ibuprofen and heat pads! Nowadays its practically a one man (or woman – take note Mrs Springs!) operation.



Splitting the windblown or diseased wood on the farm can be therapeutic, and its quite satisfying seeing the wood store packed with freshly split wood. Even more satisfying when its minus silly temperature outside with 3ft of snow and all I need to do is fill a basket to keep the homestead toasty!

If that isn’t enough graft –  it’s also the time for track repairs….so more of this…


and these…..








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