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When they say kit form… they really mean kit form! No parts are formally marked and the inventory list has no illustrative pictures – we measured everything in order to identify it – then labelled it ourselves. When it comes to the actual assembly, the only parts that are pre-drilled are the ironmongery. Consequently, I spent ages looking for an old steel rule and square!! In truth, that’s part of the charm ,we really are building this hut, piece by piece. It will be unique, and as special to us as we hope it will be for you.

The plan was to (chemically) protect/preserve the wood in manageable stages. It was also important to us to find an environmentally safe way to do this – this sadly limits your choices, and so far we’ve been a tad disappointed with the lack of help and return emails. If anyone has any product recommendations please get in touch via the website, facebook page or twitter, and I’ll research it further.

The pictures above shows the front and back sections – next will be the timber floor structure which joins both sections, at this point we have a little extra work to do. Firstly ensuring there is extra support where the log burning stove will be placed, and also to super-insulate the entire floor section. For now, I’m back to the web to research preservatives :/  bye for now 🙂

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