#blog Shepherds hut cosy adjustments…

The most eco-friendly action you can do these days is insulate, insulate, insulate. Here’s how we insulated the floor section of the hut which wasn’t initially designed to accommodate insulation.

The front and rear sections are joined by butting together 2 ends and then flat bracing, these load bearers (7 in all) end up around 5m long.

IMG_20160411_182335 IMG_20160411_182351

Basic geometry ( measuring corner to corner diagonally) helped to ensure we were able to square the hut. Mrs Willow Springs insisted on shin pads and safety goggles on account my spring loaded tape measure would give Arkwrights till drawer a run for its money!


As we are fitting a rather shnazzy stove, I decided it wouldnt hurt to add some noggins between the bearers to give extra strength where the stove will be sitting.

IMG_20160412_175201 IMG_20160412_175213

The kit comes with good quality ironmongery – probably over the top for its intended use, unusually pleasant feeling that you haven’t been short changed!!

IMG_20160412_175224 IMG_20160412_175233

We can’t have daylight between the bearers – as all the insulation will fall out of the bottom, so we panelled the bottom with a good quality plywood, and of course treated it.

IMG_20160417_190631 IMG_20160417_190641

Then once it was treated all the joints were sealed with a mould resistant flexible filler.

IMG_20160421_163508 IMG_20160421_163525

Time to get itchy ,eeeew!!! Recycled glass fibre insulation left over from when I did the loft was perfect for this, good tip when using this stuff is buy some disposeable overalls, cheap gloves and an old cap and face mask .Use some electrical tape to tape the joint between your gloves and the cuffs on your sleeves, and when you are finished take a cool shower ( preferably without the overalls on!)

IMG_20160421_163536 IMG_20160421_170827 IMG_20160421_170841

When you are finished with the itchy stuff…its time to lay the boards! A welcome change from looking like an extra from Silent Witness!

IMG_20160425_180437 IMG_20160425_180450

Oooh I had to use a paintbrush…again! 15 square meters means lots of floor varnish to seal the wood… after I’d sanded the higher sitting edges.

Mrs Willow Springs was a bit worried that the hut was too small, so I suggested she lay down on the floor where one of the beds will be. The hut sits about 3ft off the ground and Mrs Willow Springs doesn’t like heights, so much so she gets airsick if she wears 3 inch heels. Mans ingenuity knows no bounds, so, with the use of a blindfold, 2 fire blankets , some scaffold, 4 asthma pumps and a life size cut out of Justin Bieber we did indeed elevate Mrs Willow Springs onto the dizzy heights of the hut floor (albeit in the prone position!)

‘wow’ she said, ‘this is huge!’ ….I contemplated whether my life could indeed get any better!


So the floor is completed!…and that was the easy bit!!

Next It’s time to roll her out of the workshop and onto the pitch. That way I can use the space in the workshop for yet more painting – the sides, door and roof. Although before that, I need to put some carefully positioned slabs on the pitch so that levelling the hut will be the perverbial lemon squeezy thang!


Vic Reeves would get just as much pleasure rubbing my floor as he does his knees!! ooooh lovely Bob!

Just out of interest, these huts date back to the 1500’s and were initially a reasonable investment on farms, towed by horses usually to remote areas where the shepherd, having worked all day and far from home would then settle down for the night with nothing but the very basics…and absolutely no added insulation! Not unlike the difference between camping and glamping, for some 😉


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