#blog Shepherds hut… how many coats?

Ok, guess what – there’s no miracle product!… and everyone tells you something different – sometimes the internet gives you too much info.

This week has been seemingly slow progress. mainly because I’ve been waiting for return calls or emails regarding the right wood treatment. As a result of that, I had to bite the bullet and get a general wood treatment product that would protect all the underside and internal floor area – nothing that will be really visible so the level of protection the treatment gave was more important than the colour or finish.

shepherds hut underside IMG_20160403_190745

As it happens the finish is top quality…. I can tell none of you are surprised by that…Aherm…..

This is the underside – the kit doesn’t allow for a cavity in which to insulate…this is part of the additional work I need to carry out. Going back to the ‘it’s been slow progress’ remark – the treatment on this is at least 4 coats, with a 4 hour drying time… minimum…with good weather….no humidity (rain!…errr this is Wales!)…consequently with panelling the bottom, I’ve just about managed 4 coats this week!

The actual treatment I’ll be using is called Carefree protectant, containing no solvents and it’s waterbased – about as environmentally friendly as I could get….the cost is painful, approx £40 per 2.5l of clear, or just over £60 for the same size with a colour pigment…they didn’t have clear! Other cutting edge products were even more expensive and required so much preparation.

Next I’ll turn them over and do it all again…. Mrs Willow Springs has openly admitted that her painting technique is more akin to a 5-year-old on a sugar rush! I’m fresh out of bibs so I’m doing this part on my own.



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