Shepherds Hut – the inside story!

I quickly put this slide show together to give you all an idea of what went into the interior finish. I haven’t included any of the solar power equipment because I’ve been asked loads of questions regarding it – hence I’ll give it’s own post at a later date 🙂

In essence the inside could be broken down into , insulation, paneling, Varnishing/painting, Stove install, Solar/Electrics and decor/furniture. The little vid suggests I had this kicked in a couple of days…..errrr nope, a few months would be more accurate. I never really considered the merits of a summer type house, but whilst completing the interior – I found myself spending more and more time sitting in the hut (technically not working – don’t tell Mrs Willow Springs!) ,just being there- in that moment. Taking time to appreciate the same amazing views but from a different angle and place, whilst feeling almost comforted by that sweet timber aroma. I can see why people have summer houses. This Hut however, was built for something greater – to share with other people, and for those people to have ‘Their own moment’.



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