Ye Olde Shepherds Hut….in pieces !

Last month, February 1/2 term to be prezact! We had a delivery…..

shepherds hut delivery

shepherds hut delivery

No…not a forklift!… a nicely packaged German/Netherlands product via Tuin in Norfolk. Our glamping option. Consequently I’ve been clearing out space in the workshop so as to have room to check the inventory, store and start to build it all safely undercover….yer right!!


This picture only shows 1/2 the workshop… it took 4 hours to unload and identify all the various parts. Mrs Willow Springs was in her element, wandering around with a clipboard and pen!


The metalwork is really quite impressive, I was a little worried that it would be flimsy, not so – Mrs Willow Springs was on the hotline to the GP ordering a handful of Asthma pumps having only carried one wheel into the workshop…


This beauty has double doors and three windows… perfect for capturing our 360 degree views!! …..  Imagine snuggling into a large comfy bucket chair with the orange glow of the fire genuinely making you look more attractive than you are, your partner is similarly seated holding a glass containing a fine *Prosecco (*please insert preferred beverage!). The country air you are both breathing is additionally filtered by the wood surrounding you that makes up the shepherds hut construction. little needs to be said as the logs crackle gently – your partner shoots you special smiles that would warm the room (if I hadn’t already fitted a log fire!!) , It’s these glances that say so much – how amazingly wonderful you are for not only booking this very special and niche getaway but also for choosing one that can’t show match of the day in the evening. Maybe I should be a life guru too! Oh and if they did shoot you a puzzled look don’t worry they are trying to work out why you look more attractive – they’ll soon realise its the fire glow!!!


So now that everything is unpacked and marked ready to go…Mrs Willow Springs has got no excuses for not donning her bib ‘n braces – with tape measure and screwdriver to boot!… This hubby and wiffy project has the right ingredients to give gogglebox a run for its money!… Stay tuned… I need to look up some info on environmentally friendly wood treatments. next post will be Axles, base…and divorce!

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